White Blazer with a Pop of Colour – So Fresh!

White Blazer with a Pop of Colour – So Fresh!

This look is utterly fabulous. From the shoes to the blazer to the bag, each item of clothing here screams absolute glamour.

So, let’s start from the top. A chic, simple hairstyle. Hair pulled into a loose high pony teamed with some oversized sunnies. This, in itself, is pretty fab already!

The blazer works real magic for this outfit. Without it, the grey tank and jeans would still be a real sexy yet simple look, yet not as pulled together. Dressed up with the chunky collar necklace combined with the tailored white blazer, the outfit is truly fab. It’s smart yet casual at the same time, and the skinnies really accentuate the models great legs which, teamed with the blazer nipped in at the waist, creates a real hourglass figure

The neon green heels add a real colour pop to the outfit. They really show that this outfit is willing to go a bit edgy and they make the model stand tall, proud and utterly fabulous. Teamed with the white blazer the heels really look fabulous, and finished off with the stunning Michael Korrs bag the model looks sensational. Keeping wrist jewellery simple, the model wears a chunky silver ring to add that extra bling factor. Perfect!

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