You really can’t get anymore fabulous than this outfit. It’s fabulous with the wedges, simple top, hotpants and accessories, as well as the large shopper and aviator shades. Combined, this is a stunning outfit.

On its own, the simple white tank and timeless denim hotpants is a simple, laid back look – perfect for everyday life or for your holiday. Teamed with the chunky flower necklace and watch and bracelets, the outfit is slightly more glam and pretty. Along with the chunky brown wedges, which really elongate the legs and spruce up the outfit, this look is perfect for a daytime lunch or stroll around the city.

With the aviators and chunky shopper, this look is also perfect for a shopping spree!! The wedges are comfy enough to wear all day long, so you can walk for miles and still look utterly fabulous at the end of it.

Alternatively, ditch the aviators and opt for a wide-rim sunhat to really look super fabulous! This look is fairly easy to create, and no doubt you can pull different items from your wardrobe to create the same style, so rifle through what you have, get inspired and push yourself to new fashion limits

Whatever your look, style or shape, this look is perfect for anyone. It’s timeless, it’s chic and you’re guaranteed to rock!

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