Polka dot pants

Polka dot pants

Aren’t these polka dot pants fantastic? Taking simple black skinnies to a chic new level with these on trend polkas to really mix the outfit up! This outfit combination is perfect for autumn when you want to start sporting your chunky knits, however you don’t want your wardrobe to fade into boring, dull colours after the summer brights have been tucked away.

The polkas are pleasing to the eye, give your outfit that extra bit of glamour and most of all, look pretty darn cool!

Team with a simple chunky knit, some chunky wrist bangles and some cute pixie boots to seal the outfit. The skinnies are understated enough to wear everyday but are just enough to vamp up your outfit if you’re feeling a little unadventurous. They’re a pretty safe yet cool option, so why wouldn’t you invest!

It’s important to keep your wardrobe fresh, especially as winter approaches and it’s easy to fall into a fashion rut. By investing in some cool trousers like these, you can work your wardrobe around your new pants but you’re not throwing yourself too far out of your comfort zone….remember, baby steps!

Don’t be afraid to go floral either – printed pants are so in, so why not take advantage!

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