Plain & Simple

Plain & Simple


This look is so stylish, you’d be silly not to recreate it! It’s simple, it’s laid back and most of all, it’s chic and fairly easy to achieve. Most women have a pair of figure hugging jeans and a simple white jumper in their wardrobe, so then it’s all down to dressing it with accessories and finding a great pair of boots to go with.

This specific white top is long-line and figure hugging, and perfect for those with a bigger bust as it will really accentuate your cleavage yet you’ll avoid looking too over the top as the jumper is long sleeved and long line. Don’t worry if you don’t have a jumper or tee exactly the same – a white fitted shirt or blouse or a baggy white jumper would also create the same fabulous look. The wooden chunky necklace adds a bit of glamour to the simple white top too, drawing attention to your bust line.

Every woman should own a simple pair of jeans that fit like a glove. Good fitting jeans are an absolute essential in anyone’s wardrobe, as they can really make or break an outfit. Ill-fitting jeans that hug in the wrong places can really ruin an outfit, but if you find a pair that really fit your bum and legs well, you can team them with absolutely anything and they’ll still look fab.

The big brown shopper is a perfect accompaniment for this daytime look, as it’s large enough to fit all of your essentials (and ladies, we know we always carry far too much…) and it’s a nice contrast to the white and navy denim.

Finally, the chunky brown boots top off the outfit perfectly, as they match the bag nicely and will really make your pins look great. Alternatively, team with some longer boots or, for the warmer days, some cute leopard print ballet pumps.




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