Chanel Purse

Chanel Purse

There’s not much to say about this purse except for how ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS it is! A classic that has been around for a number of years; it’s an absolute staple item that is guaranteed to never go out of fashion. The classic quilted clutch with a gold woven chain and Chanel logo – timeless, chic and renown around the world.

Of course, it does have a hefty price tag, however it’s something that you really will have forever. And amazingly, vintage Chanel clutches are actually worth more than the modern ones of today, so you really just need to view it as an investment! Something that will increase in value over the years, why wouldn’t you splurge!

The clutch looks fantastic teamed with the models outfit; a soft, lace print skater dress with grey detailing that’s feminine yet chic. Teamed with black leggings or tights for those autumn or winter days.

It’s a clutch that’s perfect for any occasion, it’s a fantastic size and it really goes with all outfits. Available in Black, White, Pink, Navy and a variety of other colours and designs, the Chanel clutch is a fantastic bag that is just utterly fabulous!

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