Casual Outfit

Casual Outfit

This is a perfect summer’s day outfit for a stroll in the park or a wonder around the fruit market. The browns and gold and turquoise accessories perfectly compliment each other, while the wedges will really elongate your legs and the bold jewellery will really dress the outfit up.

This brown shirt is lightweight, so it will keep you cool in the heat of the sun. The shorts with chunky belt match the shirt perfectly, and are a really flattering length so will show off the best part of your thigh, without going too short. The turquoise and gold necklace and earrings are simple yet stunning, and add a bit of colour to the mix. The summery tones will also look fantastic with a tan.

The gold metallic bag matches this outfit perfectly, as it compliments the white shorts and works so nicely with the brown shirt. The bag could look tacky teamed with the wrong outfit and accessories, but this is spot on

Finally, the chunky brown wedges are comfy and practical yet sexy at the same time, elongating your legs and dressing your outfit up a bit. They’re perfect for those days when you want to stroll bit of height or to you want to add a touch of glamour outfit, but you don’t want to kill your feet in the process!

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