Backstage at Pierre Balmain, 1954.

Look at how glamorous it was backstage at the Pierre Balmain fashion show in 1954. This photo inspires us to be feminine, confident, and sexy.

Look at the powerful expression of the model in the center. This is a candid shot and she is screaming with silent confidence. She seems to be patiently pinned or zippered into her dress in a calm state of mind while the rest of backstage seems to be an uproar of laughter and chaos. What a beautiful demonstration of being a lady she is- we can all use a little touch of ladylike behavior in this fast-paced, technological world. Being adorned in a gorgeous Pierre Balmain gown can never hurt either.

My favorite part of this photo though is the natural decor of the walls. The women are surrounded in to die for dresses crafted by a fashion genius- could you ask for better art hanging on your wall? Vintage Balmain flirty heart-shaped neck lined and sensual, perfectly coy deep-V neck lined gowns out-do a Picasso for me any day!

This incredible picture encapsulates all that was ground breaking in late 1950s fashion- embracing the womanly figure, exploiting and amplifying the curves of her body, promoting a sense of underlying sexiness by way of confidence. For those of us who missed this look the first time around, be grateful that these silhouettes were brought back to life.

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